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Tuya WiFi Smart Temperature Humidity Sensor

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Tips for purchase

Requirements for equipment installation
There are two protocol versions: WiFi Version and Zigbee Version.
WiFi Version needs to link to WiFi when working.
Zigbee Version requires Tuya Zigbee Hub to work together, Other Zigbee Hubs and Zigbee2MQTT are not supported.

About Update Frequency
1. The sensor uses a trigger mechanism. When the temperature or humidity changes to the set value, the sensor will report the data immediately. Generally, the data is updated once an hour.
2. The sensor cannot set the update report data frequency.
3. The sensor cannot set alarm. The alarm function is set on the APP.
If you need to update data in real time, please purchase a USB powered version(TH06/TH16).

About Proper Selection and Use of Batteries
1. Only LR03-1.5V alkaline battery can be used (1.2V rechargeable battery may cause the equipment to detect wrong voltage and report low voltage)
2. Batteries of different models or brands cannot be mixed.
4. New and old batteries cannot be mixed.
5. It is prohibited to use inferior batteries.
Otherwise: 1. Configuration fails; 2. Battery consumption is too fast.
How to obtain high-quality battery? Please buy in a regular supermarket or chain supermarket.
Note: After the device configuration is completed, it needs to be placed in a position where the wireless signal is good, otherwise the device signal power will become larger, which will lead to excessive battery consumption.

About Network Testing
Devices using the network consume a lot of power. To ensure the service life of the battery, the device will stop using the network when it does not need to report data
Therefore, it is meaningless to test the network signal of sensors in APP.

Error on temperature and humidity
1. All temperature and humidity sensors will have certain errors, please note. The temperature error of this sensor is ± 1 ℃, and the humidity error is ± 5% RH. Any value within this range is normal.
2. The sensor error and manufacturing process will meet, and there will also be some errors between products of the same model.
3. According to Newton’s third law, heat conduction takes a certain time. The sensor needs 30 minutes or 1 hour to be consistent with the room temperature, and the measurement will be accurate.

Historical curve of temperature and humidity
1. The minimum granularity of historical data (daily chart) is 1 hour, and the minimum granularity of exported data is also 1 hour.
2. Days of historical data are stored for 7 days.
3. The value of historical data is the average value. That is, the average value of a minimum granularity time.

Support for third-party smart speakers
1. Because the third-party smart speakers (Google Home/Amazon Alexa) do not have control panels corresponding to temperature and humidity sensors,
Therefore, the APP of third-party smart speakers may not display the temperature and humidity correctly.
But we have developed voice query function. Therefore, the current temperature and humidity can be queried by voice
2. Route or automatic process related to temperature and humidity cannot be established on the third-party smart speakers.
3. The device does not support Yandex Alice.

Trigger mechanism of temperature and humidity in automatic process
We used Edge Triggered (ET)
That is, the action can only be triggered if the condition crosses the set condition.
A: For example, turn on the light when the automatic setting temperature is greater than 25 ℃.
A.1. When the temperature rises from below 25 ℃ to 25 ℃, the automatic process can trigger the ON light.
A.2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always above 25 ℃, and the lamp is not turned on.
B: For example, when the automatic setting temperature is less than 20 ℃, turn on the light.
B.1. When the temperature drops from above 20 ℃ to 20 ℃, the automatic process can trigger the start lamp.
B.2. After the automatic process is set, the temperature is always below 20 ℃, and the lamp is not turned on.

When will the battery consume quickly
1. The correct type of battery is not selected, or the battery is mixed.
2. The sensor shall be installed at the location where the ambient temperature or humidity changes dramatically. In this environment, the device will frequently start the network to report data.
3. The sensor is installed in a low temperature environment for a long time (such as less than 0 ℃), and the battery performance will decline rapidly at this temperature.
4. The sensor is installed at a location where the network signal is very poor. When the network signal is poor, the equipment will increase the transmission power of the signal, resulting in increased power consumption.
5. The equipment is in a high humidity environment for a long time, which will corrode the battery and cause battery leakage.

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